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Medical Team Welcome to Milltown Square Medical Building Milltown Square Medical Building will have three full floors for Medical and other offices located along Limestone Rd Wilmington, Delaware,a short distance north of the major intersection of Kirkwood Highway and Limestone Road. ​ The Building sites slopes from Limestone Road southward to Old Limestone Road. Because of the slope of the ground, the building has two stories on the north side facing Limestone Road and three on the south side facing Old Kime stone Road. Aportion of the first floor fits carefully into the site. Milltown Square has 42,000 square feet of office space-approximately 14,000 square feet of space on each office floor. Another 5000 square feet of basement will meet the storage needs of the building's occupants as well as provide room for medical equipment. Milltown Square has two major entrances: one on its Limestone Road side and another on the Old Limestone Road side. Each entrance links directly to the center of circulation with its elevator and stairs, facilitating 'way-finding' with clear and easy circulation on each floor and between floors. Both entrances are fully accessible, close by the accessible parking spaces. ​ Each suite of offices will have full control of its own heating and air conditioning. The spacing of the windows in the building will allow flexibility in the layout of the spaces within each suite. On the first floor, an urgent care will have its own direct entrance near, but separate from, the main building entrance. This will allow this emergency service to function even when the rest of the building is closed to regular patient visits. ​ The exterior of the building combines brick, insulated metal panels, and extensive glazing in a rhythmic pattern. The entrances stand out strongly on both levels which will help first-time visitors who are not familiar with the building. Before each entry vestibule a Careful grading and extensive landscaping surrounding Milltown Square, integrate building and site.

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